About Jen 


Hi! I'm Jen LaPier. I started making ceramics as a side-project in 2013 and it turned into a full-time endeavor. Soon after, I moved from my tiny garage studio into my dream studio space near the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Or., which I share with two other inspiring artists.
I'm a Northwest native with a background in architecture and design, and a deep love for animals and the outdoors. The ceramics I make are influenced by my personal experiences and inspirations from art, architecture, and the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to create everyday objects for folks as a way to enhance our daily rituals and make personal connections. I've always been drawn to the idea of day-to-day objects as little works of art.
All of the ceramics I make are hand thrown on my pottery wheel in small batches using stoneware clay, finished with food-safe glazes, and fired to over 2000 degrees of heat in my kiln as a way to create a water-tight, vitrified surface.