About Jen 


Hi! I’m Jen LaPier. I’ve been an artist one way or another for as long as I can remember and discovered my love for making ceramics in 2013. Since then, I’ve built my business, Stone & Sage Ceramics and evolved the style of my creations while moving my practice from a tiny garage studio, to a lively shared creative space in the Portland Alberta Arts district, and now, I find myself in a wonderfully rustic detached garage-turned studio nestled in the serene Oregon countryside. Here, surrounded by pastures, grazing cows, and majestic douglas firs, my creative spirit thrives.

My ceramics draw inspiration from the stunning Pacific Northwest landscape. Crafting everyday objects is my passion, a way to enrich daily rituals and foster personal connections. I've always believed that day-to-day items can be little works of art.

Beyond the studio, you'll likely find me hanging out with my partner and our four pigs, two cats, and our trusty tortoise named Clem. When I'm not tending to my ceramics or animal pals, I'm out on the farm, daydreaming about a future flock of chickens and the day those blackberries finally get under control (ha!). Life is an adventure, and I'm grateful to share a piece of mine with you!