Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish // Second
Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish // Second
Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish // Second
Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish // Second
Stone & Sage Ceramics

Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish // Second

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PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a 'Seconds' quality item, meaning it came out of the kiln not quite up to my standards and because of that, it is being sold at a discounted price. All seconds are completely usable, they just have mostly cosmetic issues, which are shown in the photos

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The Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish was handbuilt using speckled stoneware and features a modern color block design glazed with earthy terracotta and warm yellow over a toasty brown speckled clay. Use this dish to catch your favorite little things from jewelry to crystals or in the kitchen as a spoon rest, snack plate, or tea bag dish. The options are endless. 

I consider this catch-all dish a second because the glazes didn't come out I intended, so because of that the price is discounted. There's nothing really wrong with it, but it just wasn't up to my standards. 


The Speckled Sunrise Catch-All Dish was hand-formed from speckled stoneware clay and dipped in silky warm blush glaze and lemon yellow glazes, both which take on a warmer hue when layered over a light brown clay. 

These dishes are hand formed and glazed one at a time, making each one individual and unique with slight variations in shape, surface design, and finish from what you see pictured.


Approx. 4" wide by 3/4" tall  

C A R E 

Made with food safe clays and glazes.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hand washing recommended.