Small Marble Planter // Second
Small Marble Planter // Second
Small Marble Planter // Second
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Small Marble Planter // Second

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PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a 'Seconds' quality item, meaning it came out of the kiln not quite up to my standards and because of that, it is being sold at a discounted price. All seconds are completely usable, they just have mostly cosmetic issues ranging anywhere from glaze inconsistency, tiny bubbles in the glaze, small cracks on the base, and other imperfections. The photos show the issues with this particular item. 

This particular planter came out of the kiln with small bubbles in the glaze and is otherwise perfectly useable. 

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This elegant planter is available in three sizes and fits perfectly into modern home decor. The softly curving form is wheel thrown with toasty speckled stoneware marbled with white and dipped in rich matte cream glaze, and has drainage holes on the base. 

* Tray sold separately


Toasty speckled stoneware clay marbled with white clay dipped in a matte cream glaze.

These planters are hand thrown and glazed one at a time, making each one individual and unique with slight variations in shape, surface design, and finish from what you see pictured.


Small: Approx. 3" wide by 3" tall 

C A R E 

Dishwasher safe

Hand washing recommended