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Large Wildflower Planter // SECOND
Stone & Sage Ceramics

Large Wildflower Planter // SECOND

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PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for 'Seconds' quality items, meaning they came out of the kiln not quite up to my standards and because of that, they are being sold at a discounted price. All seconds are completely usable, they just have cosmetic issues ranging anywhere from glaze inconsistency, tiny bubbles in the glaze, small cracks on the base, or imperfect shapes. 

I have 3 imperfect large (7" diameter) Wildflower planters available with small issues such as a shape that is not perfectly round or a tiny crack on the base. There are no problems with the glaze on these and they are otherwise perfectly useable. Please note: these issues are not shown in the photos.

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This nature-inspired planter is wheel thrown with warm, earthy stoneware clay and finished with smooth matte off-white glaze, revealing a hand painted floral pattern.

*Tray sold separately


Toasty speckled clay, hand painted with wax resist and finished with a smooth white semi-matte glaze.

These planters are hand thrown and glazed one at a time, making each one individual and unique with slight variations in shape, surface design, and finish from what you see pictured.


Small: Approx. 3" wide by 3" tall 

Medium: Approx. 5" wide by 4 1/2" tall 

Large: Approx. 7" wide by 6" tall 

C A R E 

Dishwasher safe. Hand washing recommended.